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Team Cleaning

We work in teams of
2 to 3 people, we bring our own supplies and equipment also very pet friendly.


Countertops cleaned
all appliances cleaned such as coffee makers, toaster ovens, canisters all moved backsplash wiped we do insid /out microwaves, stove and refrigerator quick wipe inside and entire outside.


Fixtures, toilet, sink, bathtub all scrubbed, disinfected tile work
is scrubbed down, floors cleaned.

Living Room/Dining Room/Family Room

Furniture is polished top to bottom, mirrors, glass tables, sliding glass door all cleaned. Furniture if cloth vacuumed leather
is wiped,floors then vacuumed if tile vacuumed then
damp mopped.

We bring our own supplies and equipment

We do not go by the Standard Checklist we go by the Great Checklist: